Testimonial Letters

Eva Decker's Testimonial

I am writing this letter to thank Roxanne, Carole and Katy for all the help I have received here.
When I started here I thought it was going to be another boring job search and resume writing program. I was very pleasantly surprised. The Focus for Change group was awesome. We learned so much and had a great time doing it. The group I was in was very upbeat and willing to learn.
Roxanne was the first to greet me. She had a wonderful smile and I immediately felt welcomed. She helped me get through the first few days of feeling out of place and put me straight to work. She was very encouraging with her words and actions.
The Director Katy has an open door and I like that. Always smiling and looks straight at you when you talk. I find her empathic and sincere.
Carole was the facilitator of the Focus group. Although the group was small and the material a little boring I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Carole was an inspiration to us all with her bright smile, confidence and can do attitude. She answered all my questions and was a great liaison between myself and my OW worker.
I enjoyed every day here and I hope this program continues to run for a long time. After being on the system for a while we tend to get a bit discouraged but being here has boosted my spirits so much. Thank you everyone!


Eva Decker