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Alpha offers programs through Contact North.  These programs include:


-ILC (Independant Learning Centre)

-ACE (Academic and Career Entrance)

-GED (General Education Development)



GED (General Education Development)

GED ( General Education Development)

The GED test provide adults who did not complete a formal high school program. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate
high school level, knowledge and skills. Successful candidates receive a high school equivalency certificate

ILC (Independent Learning Centre)

ILC (Independent Learning Centre) Online learning credit courses.

ILC offers flexible learning structure and virtual courses allow you to start anytime, learn at your own pace and study anywhere.

ILC offers credited courses which leads to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

ACE (Academic and Career Entrance)

ACE (Academic and Career Entrance) is a grade 12 equivalency.

ACE gives you the skills you need to enter a college program, apprenticeship or to improve your job prospects.

ACE is recognized by all colleges in Ontario and by many employers who require Grade 12 as a requirement from potential employers.